appointment preparation

Booking the first appointment is done either by phone or e-mail (in text message, please include your phone number – we will call you to arrange a suitable date).

When booking your first appointment, please inform us whether you have decided for the metabolic balance® diet plan or regular dietetics. This will allow us to prepare the right materials for you, and the appointment will go smoothly.

If you are not sure which method will be better, it will be selected after having assessing your health status, lifestyle and goals of nutritional change. Please read the information on the metabolic balance® diet plans and regular dietetics. It will make easier for you to ask certain questions, choose the right plan – making the appointment more beneficial for you.

Individual and clinical dietetics – metabolic balance® diet plans

The first appointment takes about 40 minutes, we set up a patient card, we conduct a detailed interview, questioning about the existing diseases/conditions/medical history and medications taken; we measure your body mass, body composition and conduct anthropometrics.

During this appointment you will receive a blood test referral that includes 36 parameters, three-point glucose and insulin curve testing*. Moreover, you will receive a cooperation agreement, which is also an invoice to be paid by bank transfer, a necessity to start the plan. Blood can be collected at the Diagnostics Lab at Provital Clinic (our collaborator), 13 Brasil Street, 7am – 1pm, Monday to Friday. Since the blood tests have been collected, the waiting time for the plan is about 3 days, we will collect the result for you.

The second appointment is collecting your individual metabolic balance® diet plan. Please book yourself 40 minutes. The first 20 minutes is a quiet read of the plan. Then, we invite the patient to study the whole plan together, discuss it, and answer any questions. This amount of time gives you the opportunity to check the recommendations thoroughly, to dispel doubts, making it easier for you to follow the recommendations later.
Daria Sitko–Walczak, MD, a coordinator of metabolic balance plans, is also responsible for sharing metabolic balance plans.


first appointment – 350 PLN (40 minutes)

The remaining cost of the metabolic balance® package is 2,700PLN and includes:

  • blood test analysis of 36 parameters + three-point glucose and insulin curve testing,
  • development and validation of the metabolic balance® nutritional plan by Insen Medical Institute, Germany,
  • an appointment with a detailed discussion and collection of the plan,
  • 8 follow-up appointments freely distributed over time, depending on the patient’s needs.

Three-point glucose and insulin curve after glucose loading is one of the most important tests, which allows to illustrate the carbohydrate economy – providing essential information about patient’s health, directly influencing the patient’s counselling process and subsequent effects, enabling early detection of diabetes, insulin resistance, reactive hypoglycaemia. It illustrates the progress of these conditions in patients who have already been diagnosed with them.

Thanks to the three-point glucose and insulin curve, we do not only receive six measurements of glucose and insulin, but also the HOMA indicator, and can take into account the dynamics of the curves (amplitude of peak and fall), their shape and relative ratio – all these points provide us with a lot of useful information.

According to my observation, carbohydrate disorders, often hidden and undiagnosed, concern about 60%-70% of patients visiting my office. They strongly affect patients’ wellbeing by the lack of positive effects in previously applied diets and the occurrence of the following conditions and symptoms: persistent fatigue, somnolence (especially after a meal), weakness, tendency to infection, fat accumulation (especially in the abdominal area) hypertension, oedema and fluid accumulation, sweets craving, ravenous appetite phase and “compulsion” for frequent meals consumption, libido decline, androgen release in women, ovarian receptor dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome, excessive estrogen levels in men, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and many others.

Regular dietetics

The first appointment takes about 40 minutes. We conduct a detailed interview about your health status, any medications taken, lifestyle, and the purpose of diet change. We conduct body mass, body composition and anthropometric measurements. Considering the collected information, we will customize the basic nutritional plan.

As to make your first appointment most beneficial, we ask you to:

  • remind yourself of your previous weight loss trials and the circumstances in which your weight has increased,
  • bring your actual/latest result: glucose, lipidogram, morphology, TSH, anti-TPO, iron, ferritin, three-point glucose and insulin curve after 75 g glucose (tests are valid for three months)
  • information about any medications taken (please bring any packages or leaflets).


Dr Olga Paluchowska

  • first visit + nutritional plan – 350 PLN (40 minutes)
  • check-up visit – two weeks after introducing the nutritional plan – 200 PLN (20 minutes)
  • in special cases (patients with health problems who cannot introduce metabolic balance plan) next check-up visit 180 PLN (20 minutes)

We meet regularly once a week or once every two weeks