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metabolic balance nutritional plan

It’s an ideal solution for healthy people who in the most effective (with an updated knowledge) and ‘tailor-made’ way wish to improve the work of their body, reduce weight, or prevent civilization diseases. Efficacy of metabolic balance® has been confirmed by clinical studies.

Metabolic balance® works perfectly for weight-reducing people: losing weight is healthy and safe, at the appropriate pace, where the body remains firm and smooth, losing weight in the fatty layer, not in muscle and joint tissue areas; the skin shrinks perfectly, there are no deficiencies of protein, vitamins, minerals; hair and nails remain strong. In addition, the metabolism is perfectly adjusted, thus we have a lot of energy, our well-being is improving, libido, sleep quality, concentration are coming back – significantly improving the quality of life.

By regulating the level of glucose, insulin, inflammatory factors, hormone and lipid hormones, we prevent civilization diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, overweight and cancer, which today is invaluable.

How the metabolic balance® plan is applied

Each metabolic balance® plan is prepared individually by the medical team at the Isen Institute, based on detailed interviews and analysis of 36 blood tests parameters presenting: the work of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, thyroid; lipid balance, sugar values, acidification of the body, microelements, as well as the occurrence of possible inflammatory processes.

The choice of food products does not follow the calculation of their caloric value, fat, protein or carbohydrate content. Foods selection is solely determined by their influence on your body. This stimulates healthy metabolism, insulin secretion, and hormonal regulation.

In the first two-day phase, we prepare our body for the following change in dietary habits. Then, during the strict phase the body changes to a new, healthy way of nutrition. Big positive changes in the well-being appear quickly. For patients who do not want to lose weight – this phase lasts 14 days; patients who wish to lose weight – this phase lasts till you reach the target weight.

In the next phases – mild and maintenance – we carefully test food that was previously excluded. This way, by observing weight and well-being, you find an optimal, perfectly matching style of nutrition. The achieved success is strengthened by further adhering to already adopted basic principles of nutrition and physical activity.

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