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Dr Olga Paluchowska

I am a graduate of Dietetics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In 2010 I defended my PhD thesis on mycology. In the years 2004-2009 I gained experience at the Department of Infectious Microbiology at Maria Skłodowska-Curie Oncology Center and at the Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases. Hospital experience helps me to perceive my patients’ problems from medical point of view. Thanks to diet therapy supporting mycosis treatment, I managed to combine the knowledge of medicine, mycology and nutrition. For several years I worked as a dietitian, including Enel Med Medical Center.

Currently I run my own office, specializing in clinical dietetics and in aesthetic slimming. I train dieticians and doctors, conduct lectures for children, young people and parents, I am an external consultant of medical offices and clinics, among others: CRS Clinic.
Due to my own health issues, for several years I was looking for a clinical dietary method supported by clinical studies that would significantly improve my body’s functioning and at the same time would be a proper solution for patients with significant health burdens. As a result, by trainings and work experience both in Poland and abroad, I have worked out my own, effective diet therapy methodology to treat many different diseases. Also, since July 2013 I have been a metabolic balance® supervisor.

As medicine and dietetics develop dynamically, I constantly improve my qualifications, which allows me to solve my patients’ problems more effectively. In difficult cases, I remain in close cooperation with a gastroenterologist, internal medicine specialist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, psychologist and CRS – orthopedist and physiotherapist clinic. Collaboration of several top specialists allows to achieve best results.

Dietitian – Daria Sitko–Walczak, MA

A graduate at the Department of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, specialization: human nutrition and dietetics.

For years, she has been passionate about dietetics from medical point of view and healthy lifestyle. Thanks to numerous internships during the course of studies and work in dietetic centers and nutritional clinics in Warsaw, she has gained extensive experience with both healthy patients and those with health burdens. She broadens her knowledge by participating in seminars and conferences on the latest dietary and medical knowledge.

In addition to the extensive knowledge of dietary science and medicine, Daria’s advantages are being empathetic and open-minded – qualities appreciated by our patients.

At Dr Olga Paluchowska Office, Daria Sitko–Walczak is responsible for regular dietetics, online dietetics, issuing nutritional metabolic balance plans; she also co-ordinates individual and clinical dietetics appointments.

Gynecologist – Artur Drobniak

A member of the medical team at the Department of Gynecological Endocrinology at Warsaw Medical University (Karowa Street, Warsaw) – the leading Polish clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of female hormone disorders.

His main areas of interest are: the polycystic ovary syndrome with coexisting metabolic disorders, Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid disease, obesity and infertility. Currently he is preparing his doctoral dissertation on menstrual disorders and autoimmune thyroid disease.

Dr Drobniak patients can expect an accurate clinical and laboratory diagnosis, which result in proper care and treatment. Together we take care of many patients as to achieve effective synergism from dietetic and pharmacological point of view.

Dr Drobniak sees our office patients at
PRO FAMILY Clinic, 22c Bartycka Street),
tel. 606-920-112 (at the time of registration please inform about the reference from Dietetic Office, Dr Olga Paluchowska)

Psychologist – Julita Godzisz – Brede

A psychologist, psychotherapist, certified addiction treatment specialist, family therapist. A graduate of: SWPS University, Clinical Psychology Department; 4-year psychotherapeutic training at the Center for Systemic Psychotherapy in Cracow; Addiction Therapy and Psychological Help studies at the Institute of Health Psychology in Warsaw. Since 2003 she has been working as a psychologist and psychotherapist. She conducts individual, couples and families therapy sessions, in an integrative and systemic context.

She cooperates with our office by conducting psychotherapy of patients suffering from: eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia), compulsive overeating, addiction to dieting. The main goal in the treatment of eating disorders is to change mental thinking and functioning, manifested in accurate recognition and satisfaction of needs, constructive expression of emotions, and in effective communication with other people; we also develop healthy eating habits, ways of coping with stress and lifestyle changes.

Orthopedic and Physiotherapy Clinic – CRS Clinic

Modern orthopedic and physiotherapy clinic specializing in motion treatment. It employs and cooperates with top-class specialists in orthopedics, physiotherapy, neurosurgery, medical training, psychology and nutrition.

For more than 10 years, it has been accompanying patients in health recovery, offering the highest level of service. Many years of experience and knowledge have resulted in the creation of their own unique methodology. The clinic has had the opportunity to cooperate with many sport associations, taking care of Polish sportsmen, including European champions and world champions.